Be Mindful when taking a shower/bath and brushing your teeth. Usually when we brush our teeth we think about everything except focusing on what we’re doing. 

 Try this: Attend to the working surface – where the brush makes contact with the teeth or gum. What do you notice? Can you simply let the toothbrush clean your teeth or do you have to do it? See if you can let the tool (the toothbrush) do the work it’s designed for. 

Notice if you have preoccupying concerns about cleaning your teeth properly or what a chore it is each day, or not having enough time to do it properly, or that you have no concerns at all? 

Similarly for showering or taking a bath, try to feel the sensation of the water on your skin. Be mindful when washing your body or your hair, and when drying yourself afterwards. It will be an amazing experience if you pay attention to it fully.